Art and Duality



with Artist & Instructor Bill Colrus

Wednesdays, 12:00 -2:30 pm

Looking for a breakthrough?  A way to get away from painting the same old stuff?  As the name implies, Art and Duality provides artists with an out of the ordinary opportunity to rethink and revise their approach to creating art.  Veteran artist, illustrator, teacher, Bill Colrus has spent a lifetime practicing what he preaches.  Have him help to find what's new in you.  

To register for this class, please contact Bill Colrus at 203-689-5675 or email him at 


About Bill Colrus

BILL COLRUS, a longtime illustrator, cartoonist, and graphic designer, was known for his versatility and fondness for trying new approaches. After retiring from the commercial art world and turning his hand to fine art, the same passion for exploration prevailed.  "Not the greatest idea if you're trying to make a name for yourself as a painter", acknowledges Colrus.  "But I never and still can't, resist the urge to let my imagination roam freely and beyond my comfort zone." During his many years in illustration and design, he also taught for 33 years, adjunct faculty, at the Paier College of Art.  After a brief, VERY brief, retirement, Colrus decided to return to teaching, independent of the college where he would have free reign to implement strictly his own philosophy and perspectives

"Encouraging aspiring artists to explore and discover more about themselves through their art is among my strongest recommendations", says Colrus.  "The art student and the person are one in the same - inseparable.  Teach one and you teach the other.  Grow as one and you grow as the other.”

Those parts of us honed for art making purposes are no less relevant in our daily lives. Though a latecomer to fine art, Colrus' work - originals and prints -already hang on many walls, here and outside the area.  Coming with his newfound pursuit have been many awards, including best in shows.

How to enroll in this class



Art Classes and Workshops at Clinton Art Gallery are temporarily suspended due to the corona-virus crisis.

To register for this class, please contact Bill Colrus at 203-689-5675 or email him at

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