Great Fakes

Where & When



Date and Time: Now through mid November at Clinton Arts Gallery, 20 East Main Street, Clinton, CT 06413


OPEN 5 Days a Week

Wednesdays through Sundays: 12:00 – 4:00 pm

About the Show



GREAT FAKES Art Show at Clinton Art Gallery
Imitation is a great  form of flattery and copying the Masters is a wonderful way to learn  more about painting. Join Clinton Art Gallery's emerging  artists/counterfeiters in their tribute to Impressionism's greats.


The GREAT FAKES are on display and available for sale now through mid  November in CAG's newly painted classroom, The Laurel Anne Olcott  Learning Center.

Clinton Art Gallery
20 East Main Street, Clinton, CT 



Parallel parking on street ~ or ~ CVS parking lot ~ or ~ municipal parking lot across the street